UNESCO World Heritage Croatia - Echoes of choir in virgin forest and water


Shot on VariCam 35 and Captured on Codex.   The UNESCO World Heritage, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, was captured in vivid 4K...

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Codex Ships V-RAW Recorder For Panasonic VariCam 35 Camera


  Codex is now delivering the Codex V-RAW Recorder for the Panasonic VariCam 35 camera to customers worldwide.Combining high-performance with...

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Inside The Strain Comic-Con VR Experience


Group Participants Could Experience The Strain VR Synchronized in Real-time Together FX Networks went big at San Diego Comic-Con this week,...

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Headcase DP Andrew Shulkind on the Rules of Image Capture for Virtual Reality


Getting the Shot, Putting It Together on Set and in Post, and Immersing the Viewer in 360-Degree Storytelling   Cinematographer Andrew...

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New Codex Review Live System Delivers Set-to-Post Colour Confidence


Codex has announced Codex Review Live, a new colour management and look-creation system enabling set-to-post colour confidence for feature and...

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Codex Action Cam proves a revelation for DP Phedon Papamichael ASC GSC


Codex Action Cam proves a revelation for DP Phedon Papamichael ASC GSC  Codex Action Cam enables new...

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Birdman and Ida Winners at BAFTA - Captured on Codex


London, UK – 8 February 2015 – Codex is proud to have supported BAFTA award winners Birdman and Ida. Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki won the award for Best...

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Codex recruits Jurgen Kantenwein as Head of Technical Marketing


Codex has recruited Jurgen Kantenwein as its new head of technical marketing. Kantenwein brings over twenty years of experience in digital film...

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Codex Launches to International Space Station on SpaceX Rocket


Codex, the industry leader in high-end digital recording and workflow equipment for motion picture and television production, is excited to announce...

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Codex develops Recording & Workflow for new ARRI ALEXA 65 Large Format Camera


Codex, the industry leader in RAW recording and workflow, has collaborated with ARRI to develop the recording and workflow system for ARRI’s new,...

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Codex Action Cam - In Action & On Show at IBC 2014


First European and US productions deploy specialist Codex Action Cam shooting packages  Codex the industry leader in RAW recording and...

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Codex Advances Motion Picture and Broadcast Workflows at IBC 2014


Codex, the industry leader in RAW recording and workflow, will showcase the ease with which Codex Vault Platform and Codex recording systems can be...

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A tribute to cinematographer Roger Deakins ASC, BSC


Roger Deakins ASC, BSC is one of the greatest cinematographers of all time, working with directors like the Coen Brothers, Sam Mendes and most...

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Shooting Stars


Shooting Stars Ben Richardson burst onto the cinematography scene in 2012 with Beasts of the Southern Wild, a...

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Safety Deposit Box


Safety Deposit Box After a high profile premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and going on worldwide release in...

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The Dawn of Native 3D


The Dawn of Native 3D The 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes unleashed a cross-species thriller and, on July...

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Shooting Native 3D for X-Men: Days of Future Past


Shooting Native 3D for X-Men: Days of Future Past In the early 2000's, Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC and Bryan...

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Codex Workflow Adds Efficiency on a Budget for Barefoot


Codex Workflow Adds Efficiency on a Budget for Barefoot When Alexander Gruszynski ASC was hired to shoot the...

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Codex extends workflow support for RED Epic Dragon


Codex has announced fully supported workflow for RED EPIC DRAGON cameras, and will show this simple, no nonsense workflow using Codex Vault,...

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Thoroughly Modern Marvel


Thoroughly Modern Marvel Marvel’s Cinematic Universe ranks as the third highest grossing film franchise of all...

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Codex invites you to NAB 2014


Come and see Codex's latest products at booth number C6048 in the Central Hall. Codex Action CAM An ultra-compact, all-in-one, digital cinema camera...

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Codex and Solectrix Announce Technology Collaboration


Codex has announced a technology collaboration with high-end electronics solutions developer Solectrix Gmbh to deliver an ultra-compact, high-quality...

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Codex Announce Workflow Solution for Phantom Flex4k Camera


Codex, the industry leader in RAW recording and workflow, is working with Vision Research to provide a robust and powerful workflow for the Phantom...

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Codex launches Action CAM Point, Shoot, and Post Package


Codex has announced Codex Action CAM, an ultra-compact, all-in-one, digital cinema camera and recording package for 2D and S3D production.  The...

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Codex at the movies - Spring 2014


Codex recording and workflow technologies were used in the production of a wide range of Hollywood studio and independent motion pictures on release...

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Codex in 2014 Awards Season


Codex digital recording and workflow products harnessed by nine motion pictures in 2014 Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and ASC Awards nominations....

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'Adriana' - the First Full 4K Production in Southeast Asia


'Adriana' - the First Full 4K Production in Southeast Asia Billed as the first film in Southeast Asia to be...

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Codex: the right choice for Enough Said


Codex: the right choice for 'Enough Said' Enough Said is a touching feature film that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus...

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Camerimage 2013 Award Winners deliver on-screen magic with Codex


Golden and Silver Frog, both 3D winners, plus special screeners all shot with Codex workflows. Codex has issued congratulations to the...

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Shooting Rush using Codex gave Anthony Dod Mantle Greater Creative Latitude


Shooting 'Rush' using Codex gave Anthony Dod Mantle Greater Creative Latitude Rush is the high-octane...

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Frank DeMarco Chooses ALEXA, Codex for All is Lost


Frank DeMarco chooses the CODEX-ARRIRAW workflow for 'All is Lost' Frank DeMarco’s most recent assignment, All...

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Lubezki and Cuarón Test the Limits of Filmmaking Technology on Gravity


Lubezki and Cuarón Test the Limits of Filmmaking Technology on 'Gravity' For Gravity, his latest feature film,...

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Morgenthau Chooses Codex, ALEXA and Anamorphic to Capture Thor: The Dark World


Morgenthau chooses Codex, Alexa, and Anamorphic to capture 'Thor: The Dark World' For his latest assignment,...

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Codex, Cooke Optics and Pixel Farm Share Best of IBC Honors for i/ Squared Technology


/i Squared Technology, a revolutionary system for capturing metadata from digital cameras, is the recipient of a Best of IBC 2013 Award,...

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Codex Workflow Tailored for Vampire Tale


Codex Workflow Tailored for Vampire Tale Neil Jordan’s body of work speaks for itself: Mona Lisa, The Crying...

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Codex to showcase new products at IBC 2013


Codex will demonstrate new products, including Codex Review, Vault 2 and Data Logger One at IBC 2013, September 13th to 17th at the RAI in...

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Cinematographer John Seale captures 'Mad Max - Fury Road'


Cinematographer John Seale captures “'Mad Max: Fury Road' Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in...

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'The Way To Go' For The East


'The Way To Go' For The East Codex has become the go-to solution for high end digital filmmaking, but it is also...

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Cinematographer Lorenzo Hagerman Chooses Codex for Amat Escalante's Thriller 'Heli'


Cinematographer Lorenzo Hagerman chooses Codex for Amat Escalante's Thriller 'Heli' Mexican writer/director Amat...

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Codex Helps Redemption Probe the Chilly Shadows of London's Mean Streets


Codex Helps Redemption Probe the Chilly Shadows of London’s Mean Streets Redemption – known as Hummingbird in the...

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Bojan Bazelli Turns to Codex for Reliability, Fidelity on The Lone Ranger


Bojan Bazelli turns to Codex for Reliability and Fidelity on "The Lone Ranger" For The Lone Ranger’s return to...

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Codex Provides Recording Technology for Douglas Trumbull's 120 FPS Experimental Short UFOTOG


Codex provides recording technology for Douglas Trumbull's 120fps experimental short "UFOTOG" Filmmaking pioneer...

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DreamWorks Need for Speed Relies on Codex


DreamWorks’ “Need for Speed” Relies on Codex Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut employs Codex Onboard S recorders to...

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4K Fashion with Clive Booth


4K Fashion with Clive Booth Renowned photographer/filmmaker Clive Booth recently had the opportunity to shoot with...

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Foerster and Emmerich Opt for Codex on 'White House Down'


Foerster and Emmerich Opt for Codex on “White House Down” Renowned director Roland Emmerich and award-winning...

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Codex to Show Vault 2 at Cine Gear in Hollywood


The new Codex/ARRI internal recording module for Alexa will also be on view. Codex will demonstrate Vault 2, the latest iteration of its...

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John Toll, ASC Relies on Codex for Iron Man 3


John Toll, ASC Relies on Codex for Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 has continued the enormous success of the Iron Man...

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Codex and Documentary Motorcycle Film 'Why We Ride' Travel in High Gear


Codex and Documentary Motorcycle Film 'Why We Ride' Travel in High Gear Producer/Director Bryan H. Carroll uses...

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NAB 2013: Codex Adds New Features to Vault


At NAB 2013, Codex will introduce several new features and software upgrades for its industry-leading Vault line of location-based media management...

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Codex shows workflow for Sony, RED and GoPro cameras


As part of a continuing strategy to support the proliferation of digital camera formats used for features, commercials and television production,...

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Codex Appoints Matt Walters as CTO


Codex, the world leader in digital cinema recording and workflow technology, today announces that digital workflow specialist Matt Walters has joined...

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Codex Adds The Studio-B&H to Reseller Network


Codex today announces that it has added New York City-based The Studio-B&H to its worldwide reseller network. The professional solutions division...

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Oscar Winners Life of Pi, Argo, Amour - Captured on Codex


Several feature productions that relied on Codex technology for digital recording and workflow management were among the winners last night at the...

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Arri and Codex co-develop XR module for in-camera ARRIRAW


 ARRI and Codex have co-developed a new upgrade option for all ALEXA cameras that allows internal recording of ARRIRAW up to 120 fps. The XR...

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Feature and Television Productions Captured by Codex Honored at BAFTA, ASC Awards


“Skyfall,” “Life of Pi,” and “Game of Thrones” continue the Codex winning streak. London, UK – 12 February 2013 – Feature film and television...

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Codex Technology Fuels Top VES Winners


“Life of Pi,” “Game of Thrones” and “The Avengers” employed Codex recorders and workflow systems. London, UK – 7 February 2013 – The top prize-winning...

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Four Best Picture Nominees Captured by Codex


Oscar nominees relying on Codex recorders and workflow systems include “Amour,” “Argo,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Life of Pi,” “Skyfall,” “Kon-Tiki” and...

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Codex Fuels 3D Workflow for “Life of Pi”


Codex Fuels 3D Workflow for “Life of Pi” Codex recorders capture stereo streams from paired Arri Alexa cameras...

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AbelCine Adds Codex Onboard S to Support Canon C500 and ARRI Alexa


London, England – 14 November 2012 - AbelCine, one of the largest suppliers of cameras and camera accessories in the United States, has boosted...

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Take 2 Adds to Codex Inventory


London, UK – 18 October 2012 – Take 2, one of the largest camera rental companies in the UK, has added to its existing inventory of Codex equipment...

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“Cuban Fury” Streamlines On-Set Workflow with the Codex Vault


StudioCanal comedy is one of the first film productions to use new standalone workflow solution. London, England – 9 October 2012 - The move to...

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Codex appoints Rainer Hercher as Business Development Manager for Europe and Asia


London, England – 3 October 2012 - Codex, the leading developer of digital media recorders and media management systems for film and television...

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Codex Powers ARRIRAW Workflow for The Lookout


London, UK – 19 September 2012 - The Lookout (Le Guetteur), the new French-language crime thriller from Italian director Michele Placido (Crime Novel,...

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'Lawless' - Captured on Codex


London, UK - 28 August 2012 - Annapurna Pictures employed Codex recording and workflow technology during the production of Lawless, the new film,...

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Codex Announces Onboard S Support for Canon Cinema RAW


London, UK - 28 August 2012 - Codex, the leading developer of digital media recorders and media management systems for film and television production,...

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Framewright/Codex On-Set Color Solution Used on 'Hope Springs'


London, UK - 6 August 2012 - As more and more film and television productions move to digital acquisition, directors and cinematographers have...

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Mike Leigh's Olympics Film


London, UK - Codex Digital, the leading developer of digital media recorders and media management systems for film and television production, today...

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Codex Supports IBC2IBC 2012 Bike Ride


Codex is pleased to support Mark Dollery of ARRI as he rides to Amsterdam for IBC. The IBC2IBC ride - London to Amsterdam, 300 miles in two days -...

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'Bayonet' Captured on Codex


Independent short uses Codex Onboard recorder to create "studio quality" look.  LOS ANGELES-July 5, 2012- Bayonet, a short political thriller...

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Cinegear 2012: Codex to Showcase Recording and Workflow Solutions


Codex Delivers 4K Workflow for Canon Cinema EOS Digital Cameras.   Los Angeles - Cinegear Booth 48A - Codex Digital will showcase its...

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Codex Powers ARRIRAW Workflow for 'Riddick'


Montreal's Michel Trudel introduces Codex Onboard recorders and Transfer Station to Eastern Canada.    Michel Trudel Inc.,...

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Marvel's The Avengers Employs Codex/ARRIRAW Workflow


LOS ANGELES-Director Joss Whedon and Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC recently employed ARRI Alexa cameras in a Codex/ARRIRAW workflow to...

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Codex Introduces Support for Avid DNxHD 444


Codex Digital is one of the first companies to fully integrate the Avid DNxHD 444 codec into all its products, including the Codex Digital Lab, Codex...

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Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi Employs Codex/Arriraw Workflow


Codex digital recorders and image processing technology are being used in the production of Man of Tai Chi, currently shooting in China.   The...

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Codex Ships Onboard S Recorder


Codex announces the latest addition to its product range, the Codex Onboard S Recorder.  Complete with the DNA that has become synonymous with...

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Codex and Arri Continue Successful Partnership


Codex  and ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate and lighting equipment, have had...

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Codex Announces Support for Canon Cinema EOS Cameras


Codex Delivers 4K Workflow for Canon Cinema EOS Digital Cameras   London, UK - 16 April 2012 - Codex  today announces that its Onboard...

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Codex Ships Vault S at NAB


Codex announces that the Codex Vault S is now shipping.  The Codex Vault series is the next generation, modular, location-based media...

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Chronicle Reinvents Found Footage Genre


Chronicle, the stylish sci-fi thriller from and Twentieth Century Fox, employed Codex Digital recording and workflow technology while shooting on...

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Employs Codex/ARRIRAW workflow


LOS ANGELES - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, director Stephen Daldry's film slated for a Christmas day limited release from Warner Bros....

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Game of Thrones Goes Tapeless for Season 2


HBO's All-Digital Workflow Captures ARRI Alexa Footage with Codex Technology   Like the impending arrival of winter in the fictional land of...

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Codex Training Programmes


Industry professionals can now be trained by Codex Digital to meet the increasing demands for file-based workflows on productions worldwide. These...

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In Time, Jack and Jill, and Anonymous Released


Three of the first movies to be shot with a combination of ARRI Alexa cameras and Codex recorders opened in theaters in the US in October.   In...

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Codex Enters The Ring With Real Steel


Real Steel, the new film from DreamWorks and Director Shawn Levy about boxing robots made heavy use of Codex technology as a central part of the...

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Codex at IBC 2011


Codex products will be featured on the ARRI (F21) and Band Pro (F40) booths in Hall 11 and also on the Assimilate booth (H11) in Hall 7. IBC will see...

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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


Shot by Chris Menges, ASC/BSC and directed by Stephen Daldry, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" was one of the first films to shoot using ARRIRAW...

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Codex and Local 600


Codex is happy to provide training for Local 600 members wherever we can. At the end of July, we held a well-attended training event at ARRI CSC in...

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Independent Features Use Codex Equipment


Codex Onboard Recorders have recently been used to capture ARRIRAW from the ARRI Alexa camera on several independent features. Shot in Georgia,...

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Disney's Prom


Disney's "Prom", released in April, was one of the first movies to be shot using ARRI Alexa cameras along with Codex Onboard Recorders. Fotokem's...

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Codex Teams with Colorfront


Following a successful collaboration on the movie "Styria", shot using ARRIRAW in Hungary at the end of 2010, Codex and Colorfront showcased their...

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Codex Partners With ARRI For Codex ARRIRAW


At the beginning of April, Codex Digital announced that it had reached an agreement with ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of...

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